Examiner: Clubhouse

ExaminerUkrainian native Yuri Shapochka has traveled a long way, literally and figuratively, to arrive at his current career as a filmmaker. His new feature, “Clubhouse,” is making the festival circuit beginning with the Orlando Film Festival. As he told us, “I hope our film will be seen by the worldwide audience.”
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JustLuxe magazine: Filmmaker to Know

JustLuxe magazineIndie films are blowing up and at the forefront of the dark comedy genre is Ukrainian born Yuri Shapochka. Yuri recently wrote, directed and produced his new feature-length film, Clubhouse. Clubhouse stars Tim Abell (Soldier of Fortune) and Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy).
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ABC 33/40: Hollywood comes to Birmingham

Inside the Clubhouse on Highland, cast and crew from Hollywood are making a movie that takes place right here in Birmingham. The film tells the story of a paralyzed Iraq war veteran who uses the house for the greater good of the community, but finds several forces working against him.
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B-Metro magazine: Storyteller

B-Metro magazine: StorytellerThe film is Clubhouse, a revenge play and morality tale filmed in Birmingham and featuring Shapochka’s characteristic black comedy. Clubhouse deals with nefarious plots made against the life and property of a wheelchair-bound Iraq War vet living in his family’s magnificent old Southside home.
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CBS 42: Indie film “Clubhouse”

Birmingham’s historic Clubhouse on Highland Avenue is the setting for the film “Clubhouse” starring Tim Abell along with actress Leslie Easterbrook and Christopher Murray. The film is being produced by a production company Rich Street Productions in association with Shape Films.
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Birmingham News: Art imitates life

Birmingham News: Art imitates lifeThis is a story that had to be set in Birmingham. All that avarice and artifice. That crooked mayor and the conniving lawyers. The injudicious judges, the plots and the slots and way, way, way too much murder. That’s not a movie. That’s the front page of the Birmingham News.
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Long Island Magazine: Indie Dark Comedy

ExaminerHauppauge, NY – August 29, 2013 – The feature film Clubhouse, written and directed by award-winning Yuri Shapochka, will debut at the 30th annual Long Island Film Festival. Clubhouse stars Tim Abell (Soldier of Fortune) and Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, The Devil’s Rejects).
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Latino Weekly Review: Clubhouse

Latino Weekly ReviewSome spectacular lighting and photography (David Brower), some quirky unexpected mood shifts, and some sexy bathroom and bedroom scenes keep the flick on course as Shapochka examines Southern hospitality, politics, betrayal, trust, passion, revenge and what happens when the only resort one is left with is becoming the evil one is trying to avoid.

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