Genre: Drama, Film Noir
Production: Rich Street Productions in association with Shape Films & Magic Studios
An independent feature drama entitled “Clubhouse” featuring director Yuri Shapochka and Director of Photography David Brower is a thought provoking story about wisdom, strength, and justice.

Tim Abell, a former US Army Ranger w/ 2/75th Ranger Bn, play’s, Robert McKenzie, a disabled veteran and hero of the Iraq War, who restores an old clubhouse that was built by his ancestors in an isolated town. His peaceful life is interrupted when he receives a strange, official letter from the city evicting him from his house. As Robert learns that the city government is corrupt and the legal papers were forged, he tracks down the offenders one by one in a macabre display of virtuosity.

Plot Outline:
The movie is called “Clubhouse,” and it is set, almost exclusively, in a stately old home on Highland Ave. The story revolves around efforts by assorted sinister characters to seize control of the century-old mansion from the humble owner.

Tim Abel, Leslie Easterbrook, Christopher Murray, Dimtri Diatchenko, Katharine McEwan, Tatiana Kazak-Hall, Patrick Brett Hale, Ronald Dauphinee, Scott Page, Robert Hill, Mark Sellors.


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